2895 McFarlane Rd,
Bay C, 1st Floor
Miami, FL 33133
(at Choices Cafe Building)
Mon-Fri: 8:00AM – 6:00PM
Sat-Sun: 9:00AM – 8:00PM
Phone: (305) 680-1005

High quality organic produce avoids all pesticides. Chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides are widely used in conventional agriculture. Their residues remain on or in the food we eat. Organic food arrives fresher because it doesn’t rely on preservatives to make it last longer. We use the finest organic fruits and vegetables for our smoothies and Acai bowls, because we know you want to serve your family the best for their health, just like we do!
With the fiber intact, our smoothies and açai bowls maintain all the vitality of the plant cells in the fruits and veggies. When the plant cells are finally broken down through use of Neo’s blenders, they extract the health of the food at the time it yields the highest nutrition, enabling the body to assimilate the valuable resources at the peak moment! Your body will love you for it.
As parents, we know from experience that sometimes our kids prefer a custom size right for them. Neo’s Blender bespoke smoothie size is precisely what your little ones will appreciate. In fact more than just the cup size went into thinking about how best to serve your children: the flavors are also key! At Neo’s Blender, we have both special sizes as well as pre-selected ‘kid tested’ deliciously healthy smoothies just for them. Yes we also have best portions for mom and dad as well, with the same goodness and many more smoothie flavors as well as açai bowls to choose from.
At Neo’s Blender, we strictly use healthy-for-you plant-derived mylks like Organic Almond mylk, Organic Coconut mylk, Organic Soy mylk. Of course filtered water remains as a wonderful option. You get all the richness and texture of a delicious smoothie or açai bowl, without the harmful effects of dairy, while feeling good that by helping the environment and the animals at the same time! It’s a win / win / win!

Yogi’s Lunch

ORGANIC: peanut butter,
banana, strawberry, &
more yummy


Organic: Carrot, Raisins, Dates,
& some other good stuff


ORGANIC: strawberry,
blueberry, dates,
and more!

OUR MENUSuper healthy and great for your whole family!

All of your favorites are in the mix: 100% organic fruits,
vegetables, add ons and plant-based milks!

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to have a drink


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*Located inside the Choices Cafe Coconut Grove location!